July 28, 2021

Our Statement on the Introduction of the Energy Sector Innovation Credit (ESIC) Act

Today, Good Energy Collective released the following statement from Senior Advocacy Director Jackie Toth in support of the introduction of the Energy Sector Innovation Credit (ESIC) Act: 

“We want to see clean, advanced nuclear reactors built in communities that want them. To make that happen, these important climate technologies—which face steep innovation costs—will need the kind of tax help that hastened the build-out of renewables in the United States. With the Energy Sector Innovation Credit, technologies like advanced nuclear, which pair well with renewables, could start to benefit from production credits of up to 60% and—even more meaningfully for advanced reactors—investment credits of as much as 40%. While we still hope to see a direct pay tax option passed for advanced nuclear, the introduction of ESIC represents these lawmakers’ commitment to powering American communities with new, clean energy technologies as quickly as these innovations can hit the market.”

To view the statement online, click here.