Two Years of Building the Progressive Case for Nuclear Energy

We’ve come a long way, and it wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing Collective members!

So let’s take a look at what we’ve accomplished this past year.

Sustainable and Ethical Uranium Mining: Opportunities and Challenges

An examination of how the industry can help achieve a low-carbon energy future while respecting human rights and the environment.

Jessica Lovering Co-Authors New Research Indicating the Transition to Clean Energy Can Be Low-Carbon and Low-Land Use

The study's results show that despite widely held assumptions several clean energy options, including nuclear, have a small land footprint.

A Progressive Policy Agenda for Advanced Nuclear

Read our first report, which lays out our vision for the future of nuclear energy as a part of the climate response.

Rethinking nuclear policy from the ground up.

Nuclear energy will be needed to reach ambitious climate goals, but we must first reconstruct the technology for a new era complete with modern, socially-grounded approaches. Based on our progressive values, we develop policies to do just that.

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A lightbulb with a leaf inside, representing clean energy

Energy for equity

All communities should have equitable access to clean energy that will meet their needs and create high-quality jobs.

A pair of hands cupping a leaf

Voices for the future

We foster diverse leaders in nuclear energy to reshape the industry at every level and every scale.

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A new social science agenda

We are developing a social science research and environmental justice agenda to work hand in hand with recent engineering innovations.

A power plant

Jobs for a green recovery

Communities should have equitable access to high-quality jobs; we are mapping out the best ways nuclear jobs can help.