Congress Wants to Solve Nuclear Waste. The Solutions Are Known.

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mosaic depicting coal to nuclear transition

Advanced Nuclear: An Explainer

What makes it different from traditional nuclear technologies, and what does it mean for communities?

Megatons to Megawatts: An Explainer

Khalil delves into the profound impact and lasting legacy of a pivotal disarmament agreement between the U.S. and Russia.
Nuclear Energy, Community Priority

Our Impact Report 2023

Reflecting and reporting on Good Energy's 2023 milestones

Rethinking nuclear policy from the ground up.

Nuclear energy will be needed to reach ambitious climate goals, but we must first reconstruct the technology for a new era complete with modern, socially-grounded approaches. Based on our progressive values, we develop policies to do just that.

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Energy for equity

All communities should have equitable access to clean energy that will meet their needs and create high-quality jobs.

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Voices for the future

We foster diverse leaders in nuclear energy to reshape the industry at every level and every scale.

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A new social science agenda

We are developing a social science research and environmental justice agenda to work hand in hand with recent engineering innovations.

A power plant

Jobs for a green recovery

Communities should have equitable access to high-quality jobs; we are mapping out the best ways nuclear jobs can help.