We believe we can have clean energy that works for the world. Our goal is to research and build the vision to support nuclear energy as a climate solution. Read our policy reports to explore our ideas about how.
Leaves looking on to lake with power plant in the distance
Grassy valley scene with a winding path that reads "Justice40 Initiative" leading to a group of outstretched arms in fists.
Policy Memo
April 27, 2021

A Policy Pathway for Nuclear Justice 

To align the nuclear sector with the broader Justice40 initiative, federal policies should center communities and address past injustices
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A woman in an arm chair on a stage speaks into a microphone and addresses an (offscreen) audience.
Good News
Feb 25, 2021

Jennifer Granholm set to lead the clean energy transition as Secretary of Energy

The former Michigan Governor supports advanced nuclear tech, environmental justice and cross-agency collaboration
Collage of Joe Biden and the U.S. Capitol Building foregrounded against a solar farm, wind farm, and small modular reactor.
Special Report
Dec 8, 2020

What’s In Store for Nuclear in a Biden Administration

Lovering's Keynote Speech from the 2020 American Nuclear Society Annual Meeting
Pedestrians at a busy street crossing in New York City.
Policy Memo
Oct 8, 2020

It’s time for a social science agenda for the advanced nuclear sector

Here’s what an incoming administration can do to kick things off
Sketch of arctic village showing nuclear power plant and wind turbines in the background.
Policy Paper
Aug 2, 2020

Microreactors for Microgrids?

Why nuclear technology might finally be a match for community-scale energy systems
Solar panels on a roof with skyscrapers in the background.
Special Report
Aug 2, 2020

Why we need a progressive nuclear agenda

And how a new kind of leadership paved the way for Good Energy Collective