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At the Grid’s Edge

Storage and Distributed Energy Technologies Key to a Clean Electricity System’s Resilience
Morning Consult
December 18, 2020

Atomic Show #283

The founders of Good Energy Collective tell their story and share their plans to modernize nuclear energy products, projects and perceptions.
Atomic Insights
October 10, 2020

A New Kind of Nuclear Option

Advances in technology have politicians on both sides of the aisle rethinking nuclear power.
Capital and Main
July 29, 2020

The Power Hungry Podcast: Season 1 Episode 6

Jessica Lovering of the Good Energy Collective talks about the advantages of small modular reactors and why she is working to engage young climate activists.
The Power Hungry Podcast
July 28, 2020

Nuclear power has been top-down and hierarchical. These women want to change that.

A new women-led, progressive energy group will devote itself to nuclear policy.
July 21, 2020

Advanced Nuclear Tech in a Decarbonized Energy Future: Feasible or Fantastical?

Research and development is underway on new designs for nuclear reactors that seek to completely change the paradigm for nuclear energy.
July 20, 2020