Press Releases

August 23, 2023

JCFP Welcomes its 2023-2024 Cohort

We're thrilled to introduce the Justice Champions Fellowship Program's 2023-2024 cohort: Destinie James '24, Helena Stewart '26, and Jasmine Winston '26.
July 19, 2023

Deputy Director Jackie Toth Testifies in Support of Advanced Nuclear

"Good Energy Collective is interested in ensuring that Congress build upon NEIMA and equip the NRC with the necessary direction and resources to facilitate the successful adoption of new nuclear..."
June 14, 2023

Our Statement on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee’s Advancement of NRC Commissioner Baran’s Nomination

"We’re confident that Commissioner Baran would continue to be an effective regulator of our nation’s nuclear materials..."
June 12, 2023

The Department of Energy Selects Good Energy to Spearhead Community Engagement for Spent Fuel Storage Sites

"A just future for nuclear mandates a just fuel cycle, and that means understanding communities’ preferences on whether and how to advance spent fuel storage in their backyards."
June 7, 2023

Study: Micro-Nuclear Technology Could be Cost-Competitive for Off-grid Communities

Jessica explores the potential of new (tiny) nuclear technologies as a cost-competitive, carbon-free option for off-grid communities that are often fully dependent on fossil fuels.
April 17, 2023

Our Statement on the ADVANCE Act

"The ADVANCE Act achieves what nuclear legislation always should: It balances environmental justice to address legacy harms of nuclear activities..."
March 8, 2023

DOE Clean Energy Investments Should Focus on Climate, Innovation, and Equity

Environmental Groups Call for Ambitious Deployment of IRA Funds for Industrial Decarbonization
October 21, 2022

Our Statement on Rep. Mike Levin's (CA-49) Introduction of the NRC Office of Public Engagement and Participation Act of 2022

"We appreciate Rep. Mike Levin’s commitment to making sure our country’s nuclear regulators can be a supportive community partner going forward.”
October 19, 2022

UMichigan’s Dept. of Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences Gives Us 2022 Visionary Award

UMichigan specifically recognized Good Energy’s role in bolstering support for advanced nuclear as part of the broader climate agenda
August 22, 2022

We Commend Rep. Luria for Introducing the Fueling Our Nuclear Future Act

"We thank Rep. Luria for her continued leadership in championing smart nuclear innovation policy..."
August 12, 2022

Our Statement on the Inflation Reduction Act

"Today’s passage of the Inflation Reduction Act is unquestionably a monumental action on climate change."
July 11, 2022

Our Statement on West Virginia vs. EPA

“Fundamentally, the executive branch should work to protect the health of the public..."
July 6, 2022

Executive Director Jessica Lovering Co-Authors New Research Indicating the Transition to Clean Energy Can Be Low-Carbon and Low Land-Use

"[O]ur results find several options that are both low-carbon and low land-use, including nuclear, geothermal, and integrated solar,” said Lovering. 
June 30, 2022

We Celebrate Sam Brinton's Confirmation to the Department of Energy

"Brinton’s swearing-in imbues us with the hope that, despite the country’s deepening polarization, a bright future is still possible for the United States.”
May 5, 2022

Our Statement Celebrating Dr. Kathryn Huff’s Confirmation as Assistant Secretary of Energy for Nuclear Energy

"We are confident that, in office, Dr. Huff will continue to champion proactive, community-centered outreach practices.”
April 8, 2022

Our Statement on the Introduction of the International Nuclear Energy Act

“Done right, the export of U.S. advanced nuclear energy will be able to increase equitable access to clean energy for communities around the world."
December 16, 2021

Our Statement on the Introduction of the Fission for the Future Act

"[W]e’re excited about legislation like this that would support and center struggling communities in the deployment of advanced nuclear energy.”
July 28, 2021

Our Statement on the Introduction of the Energy Sector Innovation Credit (ESIC) Act

"[E]SIC represents these lawmakers’ commitment to powering American communities with new, clean energy technologies as quickly as these innovations can hit the market.”