Michael Mouton

Michael Mouton

Communications Director

Michael (he/him) is a strategic communications professional with over a decade of experience working on Capitol Hill, serving as a strategic communications consultant, and leading the communications shop of a DC-based civil rights advocacy nonprofit. 

A lifelong advocate for racial and social justice, Michael’s career choices and his passion for his work are informed by his lived experiences, encounters, and his family’s history with racial inequity. The product of a close-knit family, he grew up surrounded by a loving intergenerational extended family in Southwest Texas. Encouraged by his family, his enthusiasm for reading, consuming media, and, later, critical perspectives blossomed into a love for the written word. Michael’s early interests led him to become the co-editor-in-chief of his high school newspaper, where he developed his layout and graphic design skills. 

Michael graduated from Cornell University in 2010 with a B.A. and a double major in Government and Sociology. While at Cornell, Michael served as president of the Cornell Democrats and worked on the staff for the student progressive publications Turn Left and the Cornell Progressive. He’s an ardent fan of standup comedy, literary fiction, and the His Dark Materials trilogy.

Panel: A Conversation on Nuclear Disarmament (feat. Dr. Vincent Intondi) (VIDEO)

A virtual author talk on the history and state of play of nuclear disarmament

May 15, 2023

The Ethical Echoes of Oppenheimer and Our Climate Crisis: A Call for Collective Responsibility

Through the lens of the award-winning film Oppenheimer, Michael Mouton argues for a reevaluation and departure from the “great man” narrative. He calls for a collective approach to far-reaching crises and problems — like the climate crisis.

Green 2.0
April 18, 2024