Khalil Ryan

Khalil Ryan

Policy Analyst

Khalil Ryan (he/him) is a recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Born and raised in Boston, he majored in Political Science following a burgeoning interest in politics after the 2016 presidential election. Before his time in university, he spent a semester studying abroad in the Bahamas, focusing on marine life research and environmental conservation. He is passionate about foreign policy and environmental protection.

Khalil serves as a policy analyst at Good Energy Collective, focusing on a project concerning nuclear diplomacy to aid in the gradual decarbonization of global energy sources. Khalil’s main area of work is introducing civil nuclear energy to nations seeking to move away from the traditional carbon-based energy infrastructure through partnerships with the United States civil nuclear export regime. Besides his main focus of work, Khalil is also working on several short papers concerning the global fuel supply chain and the current leading global nuclear export regimes.

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