Jackie Toth

Jackie Toth

Senior Advocacy Director

A daughter of booksellers, Jackie grew up in Pennsylvania surrounded by literature and nature. Encouraged by her parents, she never hesitated to "flip the rock" and unearth whatever crawled in the grass and under stones in the backyard.

Jackie's early interests in reading, writing, and exploring melded into an energy and environment reporting job at CQ Roll Call in 2016, where she covered Congress and federal agencies before moving to Morning Consult and eventually developing a beat in existing and advanced nuclear energy. Through her reporting, she learned about the past, present, and possible futures of nuclear energy—its successes, its failures, and its opportunities. As an advisor for policy and content in Third Way's Climate and Energy Program, Jackie began advocating publicly for clean energy solutions like nuclear energy, writing thinkpieces and papers about clean energy and managing the program's public opinion research into how people think about and experience energy and climate change.

Jackie holds a bachelor’s degree in International Studies and a minor in linguistics from American University. She's a fan of social music, from Coleman Hawkins to Pat Metheny, and enjoys British comedy panel shows such as Taskmaster and Would I Lie to You?

We Need a Clean Energy Standard with Nuclear

As Congress nears a peak in negotiations over a federal Clean Energy Standard, lawmakers should make sure to include nuclear energy

July 29, 2021