Colter Schroer

Colter Schroer

Senior Policy Analyst

Colter Schroer recently completed their MS in Energy and Environment and a BA in Environmental Analysis and Policy from Boston University. At BU, Colter supported research on environmental justice issues in the Texas Blackouts of 2021; looked at standards for forest carbon offsets in U.S. markets; and trained remote sensing models for NASA’s MEaSUREs project. 

Colter’s passions lie in the intersection of research, policy, and communication, particularly in exploring how to bridge the gap between the scientific community, policymakers, and the general public. Colter is passionate about finding equitable and just ways to support efforts combatting the defining environmental problems of our era. At Good Energy Collective, they research and develop well-informed, justice-minded nuclear policies to accelerate decarbonization efforts.

Areas of Interest:

  • Energy Policy
  • Environmental Justice

Reverse Robin Hood: Clean Energy Policy Impacts on Energy Equity and Grid Reliability in California

Colter Schroer looks at California’s experience with implementing clean energy policies and analyzes the unintended consequences
June 24, 2023

State of Play: Nuclear Weapons Testing

Khalil Ryan and Colter Schroer examine the impact and legacy of nuclear weapons testing
April 5, 2023

In Response to CounterPunch's Opinion Piece “Nuclear Guinea Pigs: NRC’s Licensing of Experimental Nuclear Plants”

"[C]alling willing and participating communities 'guinea pigs' isn’t fair to areas that see real opportunities in the creation of new nuclear."
February 11, 2023

Who Represents Environmental Justice Communities?

Voters should make sure their reps are setting aside partisanship and advocating for policies that help ensure healthy communities for all
November 3, 2022

Interim Nuclear Justice Roadmap

An illustration of our understanding of the concerns Americans have about nuclear energy and actions that can address them
October 31, 2022

State of Play: Nuclear Waste

One of the biggest concerns we hear about nuclear energy from progressives is "what about the waste?" Colter Schroer examines the issue
August 28, 2022

Host Communities and Nuclear Energy: Benefits for Some, Risks for Others

Our analysis finds an inequitable spread in the benefits and risks of historical nuclear power projects in the United States
June 29, 2022

Clean Energy is Not an Excuse for Unjust Mining Practices

Colter Schroer argues that U.S. uranium mines should operate only after impacted tribes and communities have had a meaningful chance to weigh in on a project.

May 5, 2023